OVERVIEW Histogram was first introduced by Karl Pearson as a visualization to present the distribution of a set of data. It shows the estimation of the probability distribution for a continuous variable like a range of value, which is referred to be “bin”. Histogram is easily recognized as a bar chart with no space between … More Histogram

Interactive Storyteller – Instruction on Excel

OVERVIEW Interactive Storyteller is the idea of using visualization to transform Excel report into presentable slides. This visualization utilizes the Option Buttons in Form Control to create different visualization slides in the same graph. The Interactive Storyteller is applied for explaining reports about a time frame data or the growth of a products / segments with additional comments and … More Interactive Storyteller – Instruction on Excel

Dot Plots

OVERVIEW Dot Plots is applied for time-series analysis with irregular intervals of time. This visualization is mentioned in the book “Now You See IT” by Stephen Few. For example, the below Dot Plots show the toxin level through the different date of testing: Excel Sample Download Dot Plots: NOTE: Creating this graph is easy by using Line with … More Dot Plots